Course Code:95.03
Course Subject:Visio Advanced
Course Title:Visio 2013 Advanced
Aims:Create Visio diagrams based on external data and shapes with formulas.
Introduction:This course covers the management of shapesheet data, linking shapes to Excel and Access data and displaying shape data as Data Graphics. There is not enough material in this course to warrant a whole day to itself. Please consider the topics in this course as possible additions to an Introduction course..


The learner will be able to:

Assessment Criteria

The learner has achieved this objective because he/she can:

1. Understand the Shapesheet

  1. View the Shapesheet

  2. Manage Shape Transforms

  3. Manage Shape Geometry

  4. Manage Shape Connection Points

  5. Create User Defined Cells

  6. Add formulas to a Shapesheet

2. Understand and Manage Shape Data

  1. Add data to a Shape

  2. Create Re-useable Shape Data (Shape Data Sets)

  3. Link Shape Data from Excel

  4. Link Shape Data from Access

  5. Work with multiple External Data sources

3. Understand and use Data Graphics

  1. Understand Data Graphics

  2. Select build-in Data Graphics

  3. Use Graphics Styles

  4. Add a key/legend to a drawing