Course Code:95.01
Course Subject:Visio Introduction
Course Title:Visio 2013 Introduction
Aims:Create and modify Visio 2013 drawing.
Introduction:This course concentrates on the basic use of Visio 2013: Configuring and managing the Visio window. Create new drawings and open existing ones. Choose from the wide variety of drawing templates and understand the unique characteristics of each. Produce drawing from scratch (without templates). Format drawings and the objects on them (text, shapes etc.) and control their behaviour (snap to grid etc.). Manage, print and share drawing and the pages that make-up the drawings.


The learner will be able to:

Assessment Criteria

The learner has achieved this objective because he/she can:

1. Understand the Visio Environment

  1. Start Visio

  2. Navigate the Visio Window

  3. Understand Drawing Types

2. Create, Open and Save Drawings

  1. Create a new drawing

  2. Open an existing drawing

  3. Save a Drawing

  4. Save a drawing with a new filename

  5. Save a Template

  6. Open a Template

  7. Change drawing properties

3. Manage Shapes

  1. Add Stencil Shape

  2. Select Shapes

  3. Move shape(s)

  4. Resize shape(s)

  5. Rotate shape(s)

  6. Move the Centre of Rotation

  7. Delete shape(s)

  8. Fill (Shape, Shadow and Colour)

  9. Add a Line

10. Order shapes

11. Flip shapes

12. Align shapes

13. Distribute shapes

14. Add text

15. Use the Drawing toolbar

16. Use the Pencil tool

4. Manage Text

  1. Use a Text box

  2. Format Text

5. Manage Connectors

  1. Understand the concept of connectors

  2. Connect Shapes (Manually and Automatically)

  3. Manage Connection Points

  4. Add Connectors from the Connector Stencil

  5. Add Text to a connector

  6. Delete a connector

  7. Move a Connector

6. Use Themes

  1. Understand the concept of themes

  2. Modify Theme effects

  3. Modify Theme colours

  4. Manage themes

7. Use Stencils

  1. Understand the concept of stencils

  2. Use the Stencil toolbar

  3. Open a Stencil

  4. Manage Stencils

  5. Add a Shape to a Stencil

  6. use the document Stencil

  7. Manae Stencil shapes

8. Understand the types of drawings

  1. Manage Bock Diagrams

  2. Manage Basic Flowcharts

  3. Use Charts and Graphs

  4. Use Organisational Charts

  5. Use Calendars

9. Use Layers

  1. Understand the concept of layers

  2. Add, Remove and Rename Layers

  3. Assigning Shapes to Layers

  4. Managing Layers

10. Manage Pages

  1. Understand the concept of pages

  2. Insert a new page

  3. Assign a background

  4. Navigate pages

  5. Rename pages

  6. Re-order pages

  7. Delete pages

11. Set-up Page and Print properties

  1. Set-up a printer

  2. Alter the page size

  3. Alter the drawing scale

  4. Print

12. Use Drawing Aids

  1. Cut, Copy, Paste and use the Format Painter

  2. Use Rulers

  3. Use and control the Grid

  4. Use and control Guides

  5. Control page breaks

  6. Pan and Zoom

  7. Utilise the Size and Position windows

  8. Find and Replace

  9. Spell Check