Course Code:93.02
Course Subject:PowerPoint 2013
Course Title:PowerPoint 2013 Intermediate
Aims:To provide the student with further skills to create professional Presentations.
Introduction:This course is intended to provide the student with the skills to work, manage and fine-tune presentations. The first section covers some of the file and folder management issues which ensure that presentations are stored and found reliably.


The learner will be able to:

Assessment Criteria

The learner has achieved this objective because he/she can:

1. Apply Animation and Automation

  1. Apply and Manage Slide Transitions

  2. Apply and Manage Custom Animation

  3. Apply and Manage Action Settings

2. Manage Masters

  1. Understand Masters

  2. Manage Masters

  3. Create Handout Masters

  4. Create a Notes Master

3. Apply and Manage Tables

  1. Create a Table

  2. Apply Table Designs

  3. Manage Table Layout

4. Use Charts

  1. Create a Chart

  2. Design a Chart

  3. Change the Layout of a Chart

  4. Understand Chart Formatting options

5. Use SmartArt

  1. Insert SmartArt

  2. Design SmartArt

  3. Format SmartArt

  4. Work with text in SmartArt

  5. Change the direction of SmartArt

  6. Add a shape to a Chart

  7. Arrange SmartArt on a slide

6. Use PowerPoint with other applications

  1. Paste objects from other applications

  2. Control linked objects

7. Print a Presentation

  1. Print with/without colour

  2. Print Handouts, Notes and Outlines

  3. Set-up slides for printing

8. Customise PowerPoint

  1. Use the popular options

  2. Proof a presentation

  3. Set Save options

9. Use additional options

  1. Add and position slide Footers

  2. Add and position the date to slides

  3. Add and position Slide numbers

10. Run a Slide Show

  1. Run a Slide Show

  2. Create and run custom slide shows

  3. Annotate a slide show

  4. Set-up a slide show

  5. Record narration

  6. Rehearse and record timings