Course Code:92.01
Course Subject:Access Introduction
Course Title:Access 2013 Introduction
Aims:To provide the student with the skills to create basic Access Databases.
Introduction:This course covers the basics of Database creation and management including basic Tables, Queries, Forms and Reports.


The learner will be able to:

Assessment Criteria

The learner has achieved this objective because he/she can:

1. Navigate Access

  1. Understand Access

  2. Create Files

  3. Open and Close Database Files

  4. Access the 2013 Workspace

  5. Use the Database window

2. Create and Work with Tables

  1. Understand Tables

  2. Design a Table in Design View

  3. Design Table using the Wizard

  4. Create Table by Entering Data

  5. Add/Edit Data in a Table

  6. Format a Table (in Data view)

3. Create and Work with Queries

  1. Understand Queries

  2. Create Queries

  3. Work with Queries

4. Create and Manage Forms

  1. Understand Forms

  2. Create a Form using the Wizard

  3. Create a Form in Design View

  4. Add Text and pictures

  5. Manage Headers and Footers

5. Create and Manage Reports

  1. Understand Reports

  2. Create a Report using the Wizard

  3. Create a Report in Design View

  4. Review a Report

  5. Save a Report

  6. Manage Report page settings

  7. Print a Report