Course Code:91.03
Course Subject:Word Advanced
Course Title:Word 2013 Advanced
Aims:To provide the student with the skills to produce professional, quality documents consistently and efficiently.
Introduction:This course covers the use of Forms (and form fields) for data entry and collection. The recording, editing, managing and triggering Macros is included as long with advice in their use. The references section includes Bookmarks, Footnote, Endnotes and Captions. As well as Spelling and Grammar checking, the use of the Thesaurus is covered. The advanced techniques include: distribution, change tracking, reviewing and merging documents. Also covered in this course is Mail Merge, Web Page creation, Table of Contents and Indexes..


The learner will be able to:

Assessment Criteria

The learner has achieved this objective because he/she can:

1. Apply and manage Sections

  1. Understand the concept of sections

  2. Insert a Section Break

  3. Remove a Section Break

  4. Change section orientation

  5. View section headers and footers

2. Create Macros

  1. Understand Macros

  2. Switch-on the Developer ribbon

  3. Create a Macro

  4. Run a Macro

  5. Understand the Macro window

3. Use Bookmarks and insert Document Information

  1. Insert Bookmarks

  2. Insert document information

4. Create Forms

  1. Understand the concept of Forms

  2. Design a Form

  3. Use Contents Controls

5. References

  1. Apply Footnotes and Endnotes

  2. Insert a Table of Contents

  3. Insert Indexes

6. Manage Headers and Footers

  1. Manage multiple headers and footers

  2. Enter automatic text in headers and footers

7. Track changes

  1. Understand the tracking features available

  2. Switch tracking on and off

  3. Select tracking information to be displayed

  4. Select what and whose changes to display

  5. Change tracking options

  6. review tracked changes

8. Manage Master and Sub-documents

  1. Create a master document

  2. Convert an existing document to a master

  3. Create a sub-document in a master

  4. Add an existing document into a master

  5. Manage master and sub-documents

9. Use other features

  1. Auto summarise

  2. Manage languages

  3. Apply document protection

  4. Encrypt documents