Course Code:91.01
Course Subject:Word Introduction
Course Title:Word 2013 Introduction
Aims:Create, enter text and modify Word 2013 documents.
Introduction:This course provides the student with the key skills required to create a document, enter text, format the document contents and search/replace text. The course also covers the creation of basic Emails, Web Pages and printed documents.


The learner will be able to:

Assessment Criteria

The learner has achieved this objective because he/she can:

1. The Word 2013 screen

  1. Locate the key parts

  2. Use the Ribbon

  3. Use the Title Bar

  4. Use and manage the Status Bar

  5. Use the File Tab

  6. Use the Quick Access Toolbar

  7. Use the Tabs

  8. Use the Contextual Tabs

  9. Use the Gallery Toolbars

2. Manage Word

  1. Open documents

  2. Open recently used documents

  3. Save a document

  4. Close a document

  5. Create a new blank document

  6. Use the help facility

3. Enter and edit text

  1. Insert text

  2. understand inserting and overlaying text

  3. Select text

  4. Move text

  5. Delete text

  6. Understand Key functions

  7. Format text

  8. Apply fonts

4. Manage Themes, Quick styles and Cover pages

  1. Apply a Theme

  2. Use Quick styles

  3. Insert Cover pages

5. Format Pages

  1. Add a Watermark

  2. Change the page colour

  3. Apply page borders

  4. Change detailed settings

6. View documents

  1. Select document views

  2. Show and hide information on screen

  3. View multiple documents

7. Proof and print a document

  1. Proof a document

  2. Print a document

  3. Change printing options