Course Code:74.02
Course Subject:Project Advanced
Course Title:Project 2010 Advanced
Aims:The student shall be able to demonstrate their competence in the advanced features of Project 2010.
Introduction:On completion of the course, the student shall be able to apply baseline/interim schedules and use them to analyse schedules. He or she shall also be able to manage/level resources and communicate with them. The student shall be able to manage multiple projects and customise fields in a range of different views.


The learner will be able to:

Assessment Criteria

The learner has achieved this objective because he/she can:

1. Use Baseline and Interim Plans

  1. Create a Baseline plan

  2. Create Interim Plans

2. Analyse a Schedule

  1. Identify cost variance

  2. Identify over-budget tasks and resource

  3. Determine project costs

  4. Perform critical path analysis

3. Mange Resources and Levelling

  1. Manage Overtime

  2. View resources and their allocation/assignments

  3. Identify over-allocated resources

  4. Identify under-allocated resources

  5. Perform automatic resource levelling

4. Manage Multiple Projects

  1. Share Resources between projects

  2. Link to external projects

  3. Understand Master Projects and Sub-projects

5. Customise Table fields

  1. Understand the options available

  2. Rename fields

  3. Set a predefined list of values

  4. Write a formula

  5. Replace values with indicators

  6. Define Outlook codes

6. Use Project views

  1. Understand the range of views available

  2. Use the Calendar view

  3. Use a Network Diagram

  4. Use the Task Usage view

  5. Use the Tracking Gantt

  6. Use the Resource Graph

  7. Use the Resource Usage view

7. Apply Prince2 Principals

  1. Understand Prince2/Project relationship

  2. Indicate Task approval

  3. Link documents

8. Store Files in Tasks and Resources

  1. Insert Objects/Files

  2. View Objects/Files