Course Code:70.02
Course Subject:Excel Intermediate
Course Title:Excel 2010 Intermediate
Aims:Provide the Excel user with the skills to create and maintain sophisticated spreadsheets.
Introduction:Excel spreadsheets are incredibly powerful tools that provide the user with a range of features to store and analyse data. The ability to save and return to spreadsheets makes data handling easy and reliable. This course covers the intermediate level skills associated with Formatting, Formulas, Functions, Databases, Charts, Drawings, Pictures and integrating Excel with other applications..


The learner will be able to:

Assessment Criteria

The learner has achieved this objective because he/she can:

1. View Worksheets

  1. Customise Display Options

  2. Hide Workbooks and Worksheets

  3. Freeze Panes

  4. Split Panes

  5. Open Additional Windows to view same Workbook

  6. Group and Ungroup Worksheets

2. Use Formatting Techniques

  1. Use Styles

  2. Apply Conditional Formatting

  3. Use the Format Painter

  4. Hide and Display Cells

3. Use Formulas and Functions

  1. Use the IF function

  2. Use the VLOOKUP Function

  3. Use the Series Command

  4. Use the Formula Auditing Toolbar

  5. Use the SUMIF and SUMIFS functions

4. Utilise Database and List Management Tools

  1. Understand the nature of spreadsheet databases

  2. Sort a List

  3. Use Auto Filters

  4. Use Advanced Filters

  5. Work with Filtered Data

5. Create Charts

  1. Create a Chart

  2. Format a Chart

  3. Work with Charts

  4. Manage Source Data

6. Work with Sparklines

  1. Create a Sparkline

  2. Format Sparklines

7. Work with Drawing and Picture Objects

  1. Add a Shape

  2. Select objects

  3. Edit objects

  4. Layer objects

  5. Group and Ungroup Objects

  6. Change shape style, effects, outline, fill and format

  7. Add and format a picture

  8. Add ClipArt

  9. Add and format SmartArt

8. Use Excel with Other Applications

  1. Convert Files from other Applications

  2. Copy Data from other Applications

  3. Embed and Link Objects

  4. Manage Links

  5. Insert Hyperlinks