Course Code:42.01
Course Subject:Project Introduction
Course Title:Project 2007 Introduction
Aims:The student shall demonstrate their competence in the basic features of Project 2007.
Introduction:On completion of the course, the student shall be able to accomplish tasks such as creating projects, defining calendars, managing tasks, managing resources and assigning resources to tasks. He or she shall also be able to sort, filter and group tasks as well as create outline codes. The student shall be able to manage tables, views and charts.


The learner will be able to:

Assessment Criteria

The learner has achieved this objective because he/she can:

1. Navigate the Project window

  1. Identfiy the Gantt Chart

2. Manage a Project

  1. Open an existing project

  2. Create a new project

  3. Set Project Information

  4. Set File Properties

  5. Save a project

3. Manage Calendars

  1. Understand the Concept of calendars

  2. View Calendars

  3. Create new calendars

  4. Set default working time

  5. Select working time

  6. Delete a calendar

  7. Change the calendar on the Gantt Chart

4. Manage Tasks

  1. Understand the concept of tasks

  2. Enter tasks in the Gantt View

  3. Link tasks

  4. Create Sub-tasks

  5. Create Recurring tasks

  6. Move a Task

  7. Create a Milestone

  8. Create dependencies

  9. Enter constraints

10. Add a Deadline to a task

11. Delete tasks

12. Add task notes

13. Understand Work and Task type

14. Show Task Complete percentage

15. Manage Slippage and Slack

5. Manage Resources

  1. Understand the concept of Resources

  2. Create a Resource List

  3. Set detailed resource information

  4. Group resources

  5. Change Task/Resource work contours

6. Assign Resource(s) to Tasks

  1. Assign Resource(s) to a single task

  2. Assign Resource(s) to a recurring task

7. Sort, Filter, Group and Outline

  1. Sort Tasks/Resources

  2. Filter Tasks/Resources

  3. Group Tasks/Resources

  4. Outline Tasks/Resources

8. Manage Tables, Views and Charts

  1. Manage Tables

  2. Manage Views

  3. Format Charts

10. Print

  1. Print Gantt Charts

  2. Print Reports

  3. Create Custom Reports