Course Code:40.03
Course Subject:Excel Advanced
Course Title:Excel 2007 Advanced
Aims:Provide the Excel user with the skills to create and maintain advanced spreadsheets.
Introduction:Excel spreadsheets are incredibly powerful tools that provide the user with a range of features to store and analyse data. The ability to save and return to spreadsheets makes data handling easy and reliable.


The learner will be able to:

Assessment Criteria

The learner has achieved this objective because he/she can:

1. Import Data

  1. Import Text Files

  2. Import Database data using Microsoft Query

  3. Import Data from the World Wide Web

2. Analyse Data

  2. Implement Goal Seeking

  3. Use Data Tables

  4. Use the Scenario Manager

  5. Use the Solver

  6. Create and manage Pivot Tables

3. Record and Run Macros

  1. Understand the concept of Macros

  2. Switch-on the Developer ribbon

  3. Create Macros

  4. Understand Absolute and Relative References

  5. Run Macros

  6. Trigger Macros on areas, Hotspots or Graphics (shapes)

4. Customise Excel

  1. Apply and manage Form controls

  2. Apply and manage ActiveX controls

5. Secure and Proof Spreadsheet

  1. Protect Files

  2. Protect Workbooks

  3. Protect Worksheets

  4. Protect Cells

  5. Use Data Validation

6. Collaborate and Consolidate

  1. Share Workbooks

  2. Send Workbooks

  3. Consolidate data

7. Consolidate tables

  1. Create Single-dimension tables

  2. Create Two-dimension tables

  3. Consolidate into an existing table