Course Code:40.01
Course Subject:Excel Introduction
Course Title:Excel 2007 Introduction
Aims:Create, enter data into and format Excel Spreadsheets.
Introduction:Excel spreadsheets are incredibly powerful tools that provide the user with a range of features to store and analyse data. The ability to save and return to spreadsheets makes data handling easy and reliable. This course introduces the key skills required to create and edit spreadsheet files as well as enter and format data..


The learner will be able to:

Assessment Criteria

The learner has achieved this objective because he/she can:

1. Introduction to Excel

  1. Understand and use the Ribbon

  2. Use the Title Bar

  3. Use and Manage the Status Bar

  4. Use the Office Button

  5. Use and Manage the Quick Access Toolbar

  6. Use and undestand the Tabs

  7. Use and Understand the Contextual tabs

  8. Use and Understand the Gallery Toolbars

2. Create and Edit Workbooks, Worksheets and Cells

  1. Create and Open Workbooks

  2. Edit and work with Workbooks

  3. Edit and work with Worksheets

  4. Edit and work with Cells

  5. Navigate within a Worksheet

  6. Navigate a Workbook

3. Enter Data correctly and efficiently

  1. Enter Data

  2. Use Time Saving Features

  3. Check Spelling

4. Format and Customise Data

  1. Select Items in Excel

  2. Format Text

  3. Format Numbers

  4. Format Columns and Rows

  5. Format with Colours and Patterns

  6. Add and Edit Borders

5. Edit Spreadsheets

  1. Cut, Copy and Paste

  2. Insert and Delete

  3. Use Find and Replace

  4. Use Undo and Redo

6. Use Formulas and Functions

  1. Enter Formulas

  2. Enter Functions

  3. Use Named Cells and Ranges in Formulas

7. Print

  1. Use Print Setup

  2. Set Margins

  3. Set Headers and Footers

  4. Control the Sheet layout

  5. Print and Preview Spreadsheets

8. Understand the uses of and variety of file types

  1. Appreciate the variety of uses of Excel

  2. Understand the range of file types