Course Code:16.01
Course Subject:Outlook Introduction
Course Title:Outlook 2003 Introduction
Aims:Use Outlook 2003 for Email, Contact, Task, Notes and Calendar Management.
Introduction:This course concentrates on the basic use of Outlook 2003.


The learner will be able to:

Assessment Criteria

The learner has achieved this objective because he/she can:

1. Open and Use Outlook

  1. Set-up Outlook to Send and Receive Emails

  2. Understand the Outlook Workspace

  3. Customise Outlook Today

  4. Use the Navigation Pane

2. Use the Toolbars

  1. Use the Standard Toolbar

  2. Use the Outlook Today Toolbar

  3. Use the Message Toolbar

  4. Use the Advanced Toolbar

3. Send and Receive Emails

  1. Create messages

  2. Customise Mail

  3. Open and Reply to Mail

4. Manage Contacts

  1. Use the Contact List

  2. Add, Find, edit, Sort Contacts

  3. Create Distribution Lists

5. Manage Tasks

  1. Add, Update and Edit Tasks

  2. Sort and Assign Tasks

6. Manage Notes and the Journal

  1. Develop Notes

  2. Use the Journal

7. Manage Mail

  1. Manage Messages

  2. Manage Folders

8. Manage the Calendar

  1. Set and Manage Appointments

  2. Set and Schedule Events

  3. Set and Schedule meetings

9. Use Outlook with the Web

  1. Use Newsgroups

  2. Use the Instant Messenger

  3. Use Netmeeting

  4. Publish the Calendar as a Web Page

10. Save and Archive

  1. Save Messages

  2. Archive