Course Code:15.01
Course Subject:Visio Introduction
Course Title:Visio 2003 Introduction
Aims:Create and modify Visio 2003 drawing.
Introduction:This course concentrates on the basic use of Visio 2003: Configuring and managing the Visio window. Create new drawings and open existing ones. Choose from the wide variety of drawing templates and understand the unique characteristics of each. Produce drawing from scratch (without templates). Format drawings and the objects on them (text, shapes etc.) and control their behaviour (snap to grid etc.). Manage, print and share drawing and the pages that make-up the drawings.


The learner will be able to:

Assessment Criteria

The learner has achieved this objective because he/she can:

1. Configure Visio

  1. Understand the Visio Environment

  2. Manage the Visio Toolbars

  3. Use Visio Help

2. Work with Drawings

  1. Use the New Drawing Task Pane

  2. Use the New Drawing Task Pane

  3. Use the Basic Search Task Pane

  4. Manage Drawings

3. Choose Drawing Types

  1. Work with Templates

  2. Work with Block Diagram Templates

  3. Work with Building Plan Templates

  4. Work with Flowchart Templates

  5. Work with Form and Chart Templates

  6. Work with Map Templates

  7. Work with Network Templates

  8. Work with Organisation Chart Templates

  9. Work with Project Schedule Templates

4. Build Drawings

  1. Work with Stencils

  2. Work with Shapes

  3. Work with Connectors

  4. Add Backgrounds, Borders and Tiles

5. Format a Drawing

  1. Format Text

  2. Format Shapes

  3. Manage Shapes

  4. Format Connectors

  5. Use Snap and Glue

  6. Use Layers

  7. Insert Pictures

6. Set-up and Edit Pages

  1. Manage Pages

  2. Use Page View Tools

  3. Edit Pages

7. Share Drawings

  1. Send Drawings by Email

  2. Use Print Preview and Set-up

  3. Print Drawings

8. Customise Visio

  1. Customise Options

  2. Configure AutoCorrect

  3. Customise Toolbars