Course Code:13.03
Course Subject:PowerPoint 2003
Course Title:PowerPoint 2003 Advanced
Aims:To provide the student with the advanced skills required to create professional Presentations.
Introduction:This course concentrates on the advanced features of PowerPoint. Interactive presentations are very effective ways of interfacing with viewers. PowerPoint allows the designer to place buttons on slides that viewers can click on to jump to other slides, files, emails etc. A presentation can be enhanced by adding various sound effects, CD tracks and Movies to play continuously or slide by slide.


The learner will be able to:

Assessment Criteria

The learner has achieved this objective because he/she can:

1. Create Interactive Presentations

  1. Create a Hyperlink in a Presentation

  2. Add a Hyperlink to an Email Address

  3. Create a Hyperlink to a new File

  4. Insert an Action Button

2. Work with Multimedia

  1. Add Music or Sound Effect to a Slide

  2. Add Sound to an Animation

  3. Play a CD during a Presentation

  4. Record a Voice Narration for a Presentation

  5. Record a Sound or Comment on a single Slide

  6. Add Change and Delete Sounds

  7. Troubleshoot Narration, Music and Sounds

  8. Add a Movie or Animated GIF to a Slide

  9. Rewind a Movie after it Plays

10. Resize a Movie

3. Integrate PowerPoint with Other Files

  1. Move or Copy Information between Programs

  2. Retain Slide Formatting when Copying

  3. Link or Embed en Excel Chart

  4. Copy Excel Data into a Presentation

  5. Send Notes, Handouts or an Outline to Word

4. Work on the Web

  1. Publish a Presentation as a Web Page

  2. Format a Web Presentation

5. Work with Templates

  1. Use Design Templates

  2. Add a Template to the AutoContent Wizard

  3. Work with Slide Masters and Colour Schemes

6. Work with Tables and Organisation Charts

  1. Create a Table

  2. Create an Embedded Word Table

  3. Change a Table Border

  4. Position, Align and Change the Direction of Text in a Table

  5. Add an Organisation Chart

  6. Animate a Diagram or Organisation Chart

  7. Change an Organisation Chart

7. Deliver On-Screen Presentations

  1. Understand the Different Types of Presentations

  2. Hide and Reveal a Slides

  3. Add Transitions between Slides

  4. Set Timings for a Slide Show

  5. Create a Slide Containing Titles of Other Slides

  6. Create a Table of Contents Slide that Links to Custom Shows