Course Code:11.02
Course Subject:Word Intermediate
Course Title:Word 2003 Intermediate
Aims:To provide the student with the skills to produce professional, quality documents consistently and efficiently.
Introduction:This course takes the student beyond just entering text. More sophisticated formatting techniques are introduced that turn plain text into professional documents. AutoCorrect, AutoText and Table AutoFormat features make document creation faster and more accurate. Mail Merge and Linking objects from other applications brings a whole new level of office automation. Tables, Text boxes, Drawings and WordArt provide a means of producing a wide range of documents (leaflets, newsletters etc.)..


The learner will be able to:

Assessment Criteria

The learner has achieved this objective because he/she can:

1. Manage Files within Word 2003

  1. View and Change User Information

  2. Change Document Properties

  3. Select and Manipulate Folders and Files

  4. Search for Files

  5. Copy, Delete and Rename Files

  6. Change Save options

2. Apply text and paragraph formatting

  1. Add and customise Bulleted and Numbered Lists

  2. Apply Borders and Shading

  3. Adjust Line Spacing and Hyphenation

  4. Modify Paragraph flow

  5. Set and Change Tabs

  6. Create and format Columns

3. Use Tables

  1. Create a Table

  2. Modify a Table

  3. Format a Table using Table AutoFormat

4. Manage AutoCorrect and AutoText

  1. AutoCorrect

  2. AutoCorrect using the Spell Checker

  3. Apply AutoText

5. Mail Merge

  1. Understand the Mail Merge Process

  2. Mail Merge to Labels

  3. Mail Merge to Letters

  4. Mail Merge to Envelopes

  5. Print Envelopes and Labels

6. Insert Text Boxes, Graphics and Word Art

  1. Insert a Drawing

  2. Create, Manipulate, Link and Format Text Boxes

  3. Change Object Fill, Line, Colour, size and position

  4. Insert ClipArt

  5. Create Watermark using Text boxes, Graphics and WordArt

7. Link and Embed objects from other Applications

  1. Understand the issues with Linking and Embedding

  2. Link objects using Paste Special

  3. Embed an Object