Course Code:11.01
Course Subject:Word Introduction
Course Title:Word 2003 Introduction
Aims:Create, enter text and modify Word 2003 documents.
Introduction:This course provides the student with the key skills required to create a document, enter text, format the document contents and search/replace text. The course also covers the creation of basic Emails, Web Pages and printed documents.


The learner will be able to:

Assessment Criteria

The learner has achieved this objective because he/she can:

1. Control the Word Application

  1. Create a New Document

  2. Open an existing document

  3. Save a document

  4. Quit and Close the application

  5. Use the Workspace

  6. Use the Standard and Formatting Toolbars

2. Format a document

  1. Format Font

  2. Format Paragraphs

  3. Format a Page

  4. Create and modify Headers and Footers

  5. Create Bullet and Numbered Lists

  6. Apply Borders and Shading

3. Search a Document

  1. Find Text

  2. Replace Text

  3. Search for Text

  4. Go To Text

4. Create Emails and Web Pages

  1. Create a basic Email

  2. Change Email Settings

  3. Create a basic Web page

5. Print Documents

  1. Preview Documents

  2. Print Documents