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IT Help and Support

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IT Help and Support

In addition to our training services, Mark Rastin IT Help Support & Training provides a range of Microsoft Office Help and Support services. 



Bespoke Application Design and Development using VBA


VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is built-in to all the key Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word, Visio, Project etc.). It supports the automation of repetitive and laborious tasks reducing the time required, increasing efficiency and improving accuracy. You can for example automatically populate a Visio drawing, PowerPoint presentation or Project plan from an Excel Spreadsheet or Word document. Alternatively you might want to scan a Word document for key words listed in an Excel spreadsheet and extract the paragraphs that contain the key words and place them in a new Word document, PowerPoint presentation or Visio drawing.


Spreadsheet Design, Development, Redesign and Redevelopment


Spreadsheets are probably the most often used PC tool but their effective use is often limited by inexperience and time constraints. Structuring a spreadsheet correctly is critical to it's usability, efficiency, robustness and ease of ongoing maintenance. Spreadsheets can be used to hold information, make reports, analyse data, generate graphs, support decision making and support other design tasks (calculating tolerances, constraints etc.). Although self-taught Excel users become very proficient they're often not aware of the more sophisticated features like Goal Seeking, Scenarios, Change tracking, Workbook sharing, Data Tables and external data querying (to name but a few).


System Migration, Extraction and Analysis of Data from other Business Systems


Often data is held in a range of different applications (for Accounting, Marketing, HR etc.), file formats and/or on the Internet. Transferring this data is often laborious and time consuming (and is often done manually!). If you have a one-off need to transfer data or you need the tools to automate the task on a regular basis then we can help.


On-site Assistance or Remote Help, Support & Training


Mark Rastin IT Help, Support & Training can provide assistance either remotely or on-site whether it be Help and Support, Training or Floor-walking.


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